Snowflake Performance Automation and Tuning

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Snowflake Performance Automation and Tuning

Snowflake Performance Automation and Tuning


This two-day accelerated course presents the key performance capabilities, Snowflake best practices, and tuning techniques that are designed to help participants to use Snowflake Cloud Data Platform to develop diverse high performance workloads.


The course illustrates performance design best practices and pitfalls so that participants are prepared to apply the methodology and features to their own diverse workloads. The course is delivered on the latest version of Snowflake Cloud Data Platform with new performance features and some emerging features in public preview. This course will consist of lectures with many practical examples in instructor-led demos, followed by hands-on exercises.


2 Days


By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Work effectively and efficiently with the key capabilities and best practices behind Snowflake Cloud Data Platform’s three-tiered architecture designed for performance and scale
  • Apply the right set of Snowflake-provided tools for performance assessment and optimization
  • Use Snowflake tuning methodology on established performance features including best practices and avoiding pitfalls to work efficiently with the platform
  • Explore emerging performance features with suitable use cases and adoption of best practices
  • Formulate diverse high performance and efficient workloads including data transformations, analytic applications, and data sharing.
  • Achieve cost optimization by working effectively and monitoring Snowflake Cloud Data Platform


Who should attend:

  • Technical Team Leads
  • Data Architects
  • Snowflake Administrators
  • Data Engineers
  • Data Application Developers


This course is designed for participants with extensive hands on experience with Snowflake or participants that have taken other relevant Snowflake courses such as Snowflake Fundamentals or Snowflake Advanced.

Setup Requirements

Snowflake Training students need...

  • to bring a laptop
  • a Snowflake compatible browser (see options HERE)
  • IMPORTANT: The Performance course assumes participants have completed the Fundamentals or Advanced course OR have extensive experience using Snowflake.


View and download the Performance Course Datasheet

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